Join us June 8th 12:15 P.m.

“Trust Yourself.”  That was a phrase our speaker, Matthew D. Anderson, has had to tell himself throughout his career – Especially when it abruptly ended due to COVID-19. Matthew has been ranked by Dale Carnegie & Associates as the #1 Corporate Trainer in the World, holds a Masters degree in Conflict Management and an MBA, and is a member of Mensa – the International High IQ Society.  He has worked with and coached thousands of people to become the Leader that they need and want to be.  He has recorded 100 short leadership videos based on his experiences coaching others, which you are invited to enjoy at:

Join us on June 8th at 12:15 p.m. to hear his story of overcoming adversity and reinventing himself in the middle of the pandemic.  You will leave inspired to “Trust Yourself” and take big action in your own life in 2021!

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